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Standard Forex VPS

Our Standard Forex VPS hosting is desgined to benefit retail Forex Traders.

Our highly secure and 100% private instances have a low latency to top FX Brokers.

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High Frequency Forex VPS


Enjoy the highest performance hardware architecture DigitalForex has ever offered!

You can exceed standard compute by up to 40% with 3+ Ghz processors and blazing fast NVME storage.

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Forex Servers

Meets the demanding of professional Forex traders.

Our Forex Servers with dedicated CPU, SSD drives, and RAM are the most powerful trading machines available.

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Our customers trade on highly secure, 100% private Forex VPS instances with low latency to top FX Brokers.

We focus on providing the best trading servers so you can focus on trading. Just choose your personal VPS requirements with your membership plan.


We allow all Expert Advisors on your DigitalForex VPS. Our experts help you to set up and modify 3rd party EA’s and indicators.


We use the latest generation Intel CPUs to guarantee consistent performance and to deliver both speed and reliability your trading platform can depend on.


Our active support team consists of highly educated server technicians and Forex specialists understand your needs. We’re here to support you.


As optional features, we offer you highly secure instances optional with Anti-DDoS protection and automatic backups to safeguard your data.


Our low latency Forex VPS hosting infrastructure and optimal connectivity for financial software brings you closer to your Forex broker.

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We focus on providing the best trading servers so you can concentrate on trading. We use the latest generation Intel CPUs and a high-performance SSDs to guarantee consistent performance. Our 10-gigabit redundant network offers a quality low latency experience by utilizing only premium carriers in all of our locations. A full “Administrator” access and a dedicated IP address included with all VPS servers.

Our support technicians are experts at the MetaTrader 4/5 platform. If you need help installing an EA or an indicator, we help get it set up and trading correctly. Our clients also use a variety of other trading platforms such as TradeStation, Ninja Trader, and Currenex.

We house our low latency Forex VPS servers within major data centers on the planet. Whether your broker is located in New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore or Sydney, it’s safe to say we place your VPS within a stone’s throw of their server.

Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019 are the purpose-built server operating systems from Microsoft. Similar to the desktop counterparts, Windows Server brings familiarity to the datacenter for Windows administrators with its graphical environment. It is secure out of the box and includes an advanced firewall for locking down server applications.

We offer you access via any smartphone, tablet or PC so you can log in and check on the status of your platform at any time. The intuitive client control panel upgrades your server at any time.

We have the best support desk in the industry. All our technicians have years of experience working within the forex market, helping troubleshoot a variety of issues. If you need help with anything, we’re available for you 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Furthermore, our support technicians are experts at the MetaTrader 4/5 platform. If you need help installing an EA or an indicator, we’re on hand 24 hours per day to help get it set up and trading correctly.

Most of our clients run indicators and expert advisors within their VPS and our support technicians are experts at helping set up and modify 3rd party trading robots and indicators. Many clients comment that the support we offer is better than the vendor that they purchased the product from in the first place!

DigitalForex offers the most extensive worldwide network, enabling you to trade Forex with low latency infrastructure solution no matter where you or your broker may be! The DigitalForex network team continuously optimizes our routing and peering agreements in all of our regions to ensure your Forex VPS experience a low latency and high-performance network.

The hardware platform hosting your Forex VPS is designed with stability as a primary goal. At the same time, our engineering team utilizes active monitoring to proactively detect problems and take preventative measures, minimizing any impact failing VPS hardware could have on your environment. Utilizing a redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing, the DigitalForex core network intelligently routes around disruptive network activity to provide 100% uptime and high-performance connectivity.

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That's brilliant – we have a 7 days trial VPS available for you to try us out! During your trial, you may use all features and services just as our customers do.

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