How To Connect To Your Forex VPS With Android?

This tutorial will show you how to connect to your VPS using the Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from Android.

After completing payment and activating your VPS Server, you will receive an email. It would help if you took note of the following:

  • Your DigitalForex VPS/Server IP address (IP:port),
  • Username
  • Password

First, we need to download the official Microsoft Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from Google Play. 

Please open the Google Play Apps marketplace on your Android system:

Search for the official app named Microsoft Remote Desktop from Microsoft Corporation:

Click on the Install button:

Microsoft Remote Desktop will ask for access. Click on Accept:

Wait until download finishes:

After successful installation, you click on Open:

Accept Microsoft Remote Desktop app terms:

Here will be the list of your saved remote connections:

Click on the plus (+) sign:

Enter your DigitalForex VPS IP address (IP:port) in the fields below you received in your email. 

Click on Show additional options:

Here you can edit some default settings like playing sounds from your DigitalForex VPS or saving the username:

If you want to add a username, please enter your DigitalForex VPS username and password:

After saving your settings, you should see the list of your saved remote connections:

Enter your DigitalForex VPS username and password in the fields below you received in your email, then click Connect:

Remote Desktop app will now initiate connection to your DigtialForex VPS:

You will be asked accept the DigitalForex VPS certificate. Please check the box for "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and click on Connect:

You see a Windows Desktop with a gray background - this is your DigitalForex VPS desktop.

Any Questions?
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