Shepherd Price Action

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Rate this Tool0

This technical indicator detects the strongest price action patterns that formed on the chart.

It will Detect:

  • Pin Bar.
  • Inside Bar.
  • Outside Bar.


  • You can select the minimum range for detecting these patterns in settings.
  • Try to use this indicator only as a confirmation for your strategy.


  • Use_System_Visuals – Enable/Disable the use of System Visual Style.
  • Use_Notification – Enable/Disable the use of notifications via Push Messages.
  • Use_Alert – Enable/Disable the use of Alerts.
  • Use_E_Mail – Enable/Disable the use of Email messages.
  • Detect_PinBar – Enable/Disable the use of the Pin bar pattern.
  • PinBar_Minimum_Range – Minimum pips for Pin bar range.
  • Detect_InsideBar – Enable/Disable the use of the Inside Bar pattern.
  • InsideBar_Minimum_Range – Minimum pips for Inside Bar range.
  • Detect_OutSideBar – Enable/Disable the use of the Outside Bar pattern.
  • OutSideBar_Minimum_Range – Minimum pips for Outside Bar range.
  • Show_Target – Enable/Disable drawing targets on the chart.
  • Show_Names – Enable/Disable drawing pattern names on the chart.
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