Raptor Scalper

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Raptor Scalper is an advanced Expert Advisor. It scalps during the Asian session on AUDSGD M1. This time period is specifically chosen for its high liquidity and data predictability. It mainly utilizes range scalping methods, on the overbought and oversold areas. Once the signals are given, the EA will open a trade and manage its operations with an internal algorithm. The algorithm will then learn the current price action data and proceed to close the positions at the indicated predicted price levels based on current market conditions. This EA has been tested on 99.90% data sample.

  • The EA will always use a StopLoss and TakeProfit.
  • Recommended deposit level will start at $1000.
  • A low spread broker is required with a low latency VPS or dedicated server.
  • No Martingale or Grid is used for this strategy.

Currency Pair & Timeframe


Raptor Scalper Inputs

  • UseMM – Enable/disable money management.
  • RiskPercent – Preferred risk level.
  • Lots – Lot size to use if “UseMM” is set to false.
  • MaxLots – Maximum lot size to be used.
  • Slippage – Preferred slippage level.
  • UseTrailingStops4 – Enable/disable trailing stops.
  • TrailingStop – Minimum amount of pips to start the trailing stops function.
  • TrailingInterval – Trailing interval in pips, default “0.1” means it will modify the order every 0.1 pips.
  • MaxSpread – Maximum allowable spread for opening new orders.
  • UseMaxTradePerBar – Toggles maximum trades per bar.
  • SellMaxTradePerBar – Maximum number of open sell orders.
  • BuyMaxTradePerBar – Maximum number of open buy orders.
  • MaxCheckTrades – Maximum number of open trades.
  • UseCloseAll – On/All “Close all trades” algorithm.
  • GMT_Offset – Offset for DST. By default this is set to 0, and it will work with most major ECN brokers. If you set “Start Hour” & “End Hour” as 21 and “GMT Offset” as 2, it will auto calculate and give you a value of 23.
  • Start_Hour – Starting hour.
  • Start_Minute – Starting minute.
  • End_Hour – Ending hour.
  • End_Minute – Ending minute.
  • Use_2nd_Time_Slot – Toggles 2nd time filter.
  • Start_Hour2 – 2nd starting hour.
  • Start_Min2 – 2nd starting minute.
  • End_Hour2 – 2nd ending hour.
  • End_Min2 – 2nd ending minute.
  • Trade_Last_Week_Of_The_Year – Toggles trading on the last week of the year.
  • Trade_First_Week_Of_The_Year – Toggles trading on the first week of the year.
  • TakeProfit – TP level.
  • StopLoss – SL level.
  • Magic – Magic Number for orders.
  • FastBackTest – Enables fast backtest by disabling information panel. If you want to see the statistics panel during backtest, set to false.
  • EnableBackTestGMTShift – If you were to use 99% tick data with alternating GMT offsets for DST, you will need the EA to shift its Start Hours and End hours accordingly during those time shifts. By turning this on, it will simulate just that.
  • ShowInfo – Show statistics panel.
  • Comment_Message – Comment message for each order.


  • Low latency VPS or dedicated server.
  • Brokers with low AUDSGD spreads & low swap rates.
  • Low stops levels for AUDSGD.
  • $1000 deposit.
  • If you have any queries, please send me a message.