Use the advantages of the Jiada environment on all new VPS!

 Monday, December 28, 2020

What is the Jiada eniroment?

Suppose you buy an expert advisor or indicator from the official MQL market (MQL tools). In that case, it will be bound to your home computer or your VPS.

Every time you change your PC or VPS, you have to reactivate MQL tools. Typically, you will receive five activations. When you have used them up, you will have to buy the tool again.

DigitalForex VPS uses the Jiada environment on all VPS. This is a specially encrypted Windows Server Operating System. The same environment is created on all VPS.

This gives you a big advantage over other VPS providers. You do not need to reactivate your MQL tools if you change the VPS location or pause your VPS subscription. In addition, you can use an already activated MQL tool on several VPS.

This will save your activations, and you will have more of the MQL tools you have purchased.

The Jiada environment is pre-installed on all VPS. So you don't need to make any manual settings.

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