How to connect your Forex VPS with Mac OS X

In this tutorial, we will show you how to connect to your DigitalForex VPS using Remote Desktop Program (RDP) from Mac OS X.

After completing payment and activating your VPS, you will receive an email. You need to take note of the following:

  • Your VPS/Server IP address,
  • Username and Password.

Install Microsoft Remote Desktop application from the App Store usingthis link:

Locate Microsoft Remote Desktop in Finder to run it….Go To File > New Finder Window > Favorites > Applications > Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Open Microsoft Remote Desktop application and click New:

Enter the name, IP:Port, Username, and Password in the fields below you received in your email:

Double-click on the new connection entry to connect to your VPS:

You'll get a certificate warning. Click ‘Show Certificate':

Select the check box for ‘Always trust…' to not get warned about the self-signed certificate in the future:

Enter your local computer account password to complete adding the self-signed certificate to your local key chain:

You should now be presented with a Windows Desktop with a gray background – this is your VPS desktop.