Asian Hamster

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Asian Hamster is an expert Advisor for auto trading on EURUSD, which uses the strategy of a night scalper.  It can work with small deposits of $100. To enter the market uses filters of three indicators, two signal and one corrective, which gives confirmation to enter the market on a different timeframe. Working time: 2-3 hours in Asian session.

There is a filter to limit trading during the news release. Asian Hamster works with two take profit and stop-loss levels: virtual and real. Moreover, the virtual stop-loss can be both static and dynamically changing, depending on the volatility of the market(higher volatility further SL from the price).

Asian Hamster provides an opportunity to keep a part of the Deposit in reserve and use the remaining part of the reserve funds for trading, but all funds will participate in the drawdown. The chart has a panel to change some basic settings of the EA without reloading it.

Default settings for GMT+1 EURUSD M5.
We recommend to use only ECN or STP accounts with narrow spreads and market execution. It is better to trade on a VPS with a low ping to the broker, the less the better.
To use the parameter Disable trading during news release (news filter), you need to open the menu item “Tools” – “Settings” – “Expert Advisors” in the terminal, tick “Allow WebRequest for the following URL:” and add the following address: ““. Then click “OK“. News for the filter will be loaded from this site.

Asian Hamster Parameters

(All param are entered as normal for 4-digit accounts, for 5-digit account, they are recalculated automatically)

Parameters in the default advisor are given for broker with GMT +1(winter) or GMT +2 (summer)


  • Select Language; the language for the displaying
  • New Cycle; allows you to stop and start the advisor (same button on the chart)
  • Max Spread; Max spread at which the advisor is allowed to open orders (same button on the chart)
  • Max Slippage; max slippage for opening and closing warrants. Increase if your broker slips you.
  • Start Time; The start time to open order (trading start time) (same button on the chart)
  • End Time; The end time to open order (trading end time) (same button on the chart)
  • At Breakeven on Friday after, empty – not used; Close all orders without loss on Friday, if they are not closed before the specified time, the advisor will stop working and the opening of orders will not be made until Monday (duplicated setting on chart)
  • Disable trading on Wednesday; Enable logic on Wednesday, if true, in the night from Tue to Wed, orders will not be opened. This is for convenience in case some very important events in which the market can behave very unpredictable (same setting on the chart)
  • Send Push if Drawdown (0.00 – not use); Send push message to mobile if the drawdown level exceeds the specified value.
  • Send trading operations; When true, push message about trading operations performed by the advisor, such as opening orders, closing orders, profit, etc.


  • Reserve in %; The percentage of reserved fund that will not be traded (same setting on the chart)
  • Stop Out Level % (0.00 – not use) – When using a capital management strategy ¼ to ¾, this param will limit further losses If you set the value of this to more than 0.0.
  • For example: if you set to 5.0, then if the remaining fund from the reservation remain less than 5%, the advisor closes all open transactions, regardless of whether they are profitable or at a loss.
  • Use Autolot; true – use Autolot; false – do not use Autolot (same setting on the chart)
  • Autolot Size; – The amount of fund to calculate Autolot (same setting on the chart)
  • Initial Lot; – the initial lot size. (Same setting on the chart)
  • Max Lot; – Maximum lot
  • Virtual Take Profit; – Level at which the advisor will close orders in profit (same setting on the chart)
  • Virtual Stop Loss; – Level at which the advisor will close orders in loss (same setting on the chart)
  • Calculate dynamic stop loss automatically; – Calculate virtual stop loss dynamically depending on the market volatility (same setting on the chart)
  • Use Lot Multiplier; – Use (with TRUE) the multiplier of the next lot (same setting on the chart)
  • Lot Multiplier; – The multiplier of the next lot. Up to three orders will multiple the previous volume by the value specified in this parameter. Starting with the fourth order, the volume will increase slightly according to a different algorithm, so as not to increase the volume too large (same setting on the chart)
  • Max Open Orders (one direction); – The maximum allowed number of orders in one direction. When using the multiplier of the next lot, a value greater than 6 is not recommended (same setting on the chart)
  • Take Profit for broker; – Take profit for a broker
  • Take Profit for broker; – Stop loss for broker
  • Use Average TP SL; – Allows you to turn off (when FALSE) or turn on (when TRUE) the averaging of take profit and stop-loss levels that are set for the broker. When the parameter is off (FALSE), the take profit level for the broker (Take Profit for broker) is set to 1-2 points more than the virtual take.


  • Signal Indicator Period; – Period for the first signal indicator
  • Signal Indicator From; – Lower level of the first signal indicator
  • Signal Indicator To; – Upper level of the first signal indicator
  • Confirm Indicator Period; – Period for confirmation indicator
  • Confirm Indicator From; – The lower level is a confirming indicator
  • Confirm Indicator To; – The upper level is a confirming indicator
  • Confirm Indicator TF; – Time frame for confirmation indicator
  • Signal Indicator2 Period; – Period for the second signal indicator
  • Signal Indicator2 Price; – At what price to work to the second signal indicator
  • Signal Indicator2 Max; – Maximum value for the second signal indicator
  • Signal Indicator2 Min; – Minimum value for the second signal indicator


  • Disable trading during news release; – Disable trading during news release
  • Enable Low News; – To use (if TRUE) is low news
  • Pause before Low News, minutes; – Pause before low news
  • Pause after Low News, minutes; – Pause after the release of low news
  • Enable Middle News; – To use (if TRUE) the middle news
  • Pause before Middle News, minutes; – Pause before middle news
  • Pause after Middle News, minutes; – Pause after the release of the middle of news
  • Enable High News; – Use (if TRUE) high news
  • Pause before High News, minutes; – Pause before high news
  • Pause after High News, minutes; – Pause after high news
  • Enable NFPNews; – Use (if TRUE) NFP news
  • Pause before NFPNews News, minutes; – The pause before the release of NFP news
  • Pause after NFPNews News, minutes; – Pause after NFP news release
  • DrawNewsLines; – Draw (if TRUE) news lines on the chart
  • Display the news text next to the line; – Display (if TRUE) news titles on the chart
  • LowColor; – Color for low news
  • MiddleColor; – Color for middle news
  • HighColor; – Color for high and NFP news
  • LineWidth; – The line thickness for the news
  • LineStyle; – The line style for the news
  • List of all currencies (empty – only the current currencies) – Currency names separated by commas (USD,EUR,CAD,AUD, etc.) to display news on them. If empty, it will display only the current pair.
  • Your Time Zone, GMT (for news); – Deviation from GMT for news output. Do not forget about this parameter when setting trading time, otherwise you will not receive the news in time and this can significantly affect trading!


  • Use Order Comment;
  • If True, orders will be assigned a comment, for the convenience of tracking the positions opened by the robot in the terminal.
  • If False, all positions will be without comments.
  • Show Info Table; show the info table
  • Font Size; – Font size for info and button on the chart.
  • Magic Number; To distinguish your orders from others
  • Show Chart Grid; show the chart grid
  • Draw Gradient Chart; – Draw (with TRUE) on the graph gradient fill
  • Gradient Start Color (R.G.B); – The initial color of the gradient in RGB format
  • Gradient End Color (R.G.B); – End color gradient in RGB format