Our Mission is your Success

DigitalForex offers rock solid, low latency trading servers at a very low price.

About Us

DigitalForex is uniquely positioned with 8 datacenters strategically placed around the globe to bring you close to Forex broker around the world. Our hardware platform is hosting your Forex VPS with stability and minimizing any impact failing (downtime).

Our Mission

The development and implementation of low latency algorithms with market lowest price is our main goal, as traders we know exactly how important latency is in trading. DigitalForex was created to fulfill a need, over the years fellow traders, within our community requested help in creating a fast and reliable infrastructure for algorithmic trading.

Our Promise

DigitalForex are unlike many other Forex VPS providers who over-sell virtual servers. We offer guaranteed resources for all our VPS. All RAM, SSD and processor resources are completely dedicated and always available to you.

Our Datacenters

Our server is located in eight geographically separate Data Centres – London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney, specifically picked for ultra low latency and access to the world’s major brokers and liquidity providers. Our host servers are connected to High-speed channels of premium class and have a huge performance that makes our service one of the best on the market.

Our Uptime

Utilizing a redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing, the DigitalForex core network intelligently routes around disruptive network activity in an effort to provide 99.99% uptime and high performance connectivity throughout all of our worldwide datacenters.

Our Customer Support

We have put together the single best team in the VPS and Forex trading business. Veterans of the managed hosting business, we have taken our 20+ years of experience in complex hosting environments and made it our mission to simplify Forex trading for you.


This is what our customers say…

DigitalForex is the final vps host that I'll be using for as long as there is forex. No more moving from host to host having to set everything up again after lost profits from failed empty promises of guaranteed up time and fast knowledgeable support. At DigitalForex, up time and support is not just a promise, it's a way of life. Chris, the founder of DigitalForex, is also a trader like us. The support I get is awesome. You want to join DigitalForex if you want to make a smart decision.

Cole Stanley

United States

I got up and going with a forex vps from DigitalForex. Their support is great, Chris continuously kept checking back to help me as I had some outside issues. I transferred from another VPS that operated very poorly and tech did not answer for 24 hours. Chris was very helpful. He even set up my MT4 customized to the service I use. I highly recommend the DigitalForex..

Judy Elsen

Great Britain

First time using a VPS as i usually took the more expensive MT4 hosting option (from other company) in which they handle all the installation and setup for my MT4. After signing up, within some hours my VPS account is ready. I am impressed with all the email that is sent out giving all the information and instruction. Support is readily available online to guide me on the installation, setup of the Signal copier.

Sergey Gobanov


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